The importance of R&D

R&D is an integral part of the business success at CMB Engineering, and an all-important way of making sure we carry on progressing and meeting the demands of the industry.

Our development team are constantly pushing the boundaries of can making, with faster speeds, quicker changeovers, and less tear offs for example.

This is all driven by industry demands. Quick changes are a current industry demand as downtime on a canning line is measured in seconds. Minutes of can production lost could cost the business thousands of dollars, and in addition could incur penalties levied against the business for loss o production or being unable to meet output commitments.

At CMB Engineering our products speak for themselves. They are well built and designed to run at enormous speeds generating enormous forces 24/7. It’s testament to our world class engineers that many of our machines are still running having made billions of cans decades after they were first built.

It’s the ingenuity of our people supported by the management team that enables our workforce to openly make suggestions to better our machinery but also our working practices. It’s this combined approach that funnels into our R&D team, giving our customers the next generation of market leading products.

It’s down to our development team headed up by Dan Egerton that our product range continues to evolve and adapt to industry requirements. With competitors on the horizon, we must continue to move forward and not stand still.

Our latest product range known as reformatTM is a shining example of this collaboration between industry and supplier. After talks with our customers we established some development principles that forms the backbone of everything we do for the brand today. Our latest reformatTM machines cover these principles:


Quick Change

Improved access ergonomics, setting fixtures and sub-assemblies


Patented method of energy saving

Easy To Use

SOP’s & Trouble shooting guides accessible from HMI, offline setting fixtures to reduce downtime, improved handling & lifting.

Smart Technology

Instrumentation feedback, process monitoring, machine condition industry 4.0 ready.