Training Facility

The CMB Academy was created in 2014 to offer our Customers from all over the World the opportunity to receive world Class training in the field of Canmaking.

At CMB Engineering, we understand the importance of training Canline Operators and Engineers, to a world class standard, to help them to produce the highest quality product, and to minimise Can Line Down Time.

The Launch of the CMB Academy was in response to the needs of our Customers.  We’ve taken almost a 100 years of experience in the Design and Manufacture of Canmaking Equipment, and combined it with the very latest in Canmaking technology. Established to exceed the expectations of our Customers, the Academy has Instructors who are former Service Engineers. These Engineers have a great deal of experience and knowledge gained by Building – Installing – Commissioning and Servicing our Canmaking  equipment throughout the World.

The Academy is an ideal Venue for the delivery of courses on Canmaking equipment. Our Philosophy is “Training By Doing”. Every Trainee (Operators or Maintenance Technicians) will have to complete all the tasks in the program to qualify for their Certificate of Excellence. This “Hands on training” gives your technicians the knowledge and confidence to perform interventions and repairs on your Can Line equipment.

Training Packages designed to suit your needs.

CMB has developed training courses for all our Canmaking machines. From delivering elementary training to Technicians who are new to Canmaking, through to Advanced training for the most experience of Technicians who need training on the latest Technology that CMB has to offer.

Beyond these fixed and established courses, if required, we will work with you to create a Bespoke Training course, designed around your specific requirements.

The Academy has welcomed in excess of 150 trainees through the doors training delegates on all aspects of can making.

We have welcomed many delegates for training on our 5000 Bodymaker alignment and settings and maintenance training courses; also, our 550 Trimmer set-up, operation and Maintenance training courses and 3400 Die Necker set-up, operation and Maintenance training courses.  We will work with you to organise training around your buy-off week; therefore, making good use of the time spent at CMB.

We are happy to assist you with all arrangements during your stay; including hotel bookings, airport transfers, and local information.

Please contact The Academy today for a competitive quotation for your Double Seam training, Ferrum and Angelus training; 550 Trimmer, 3400 Necker, 3200 Lacquer Spray Machine and Bodymaker training needs.

The Academy of Canmaking has now been operational for two years and has welcomed over 150 trainees from 47 different companies including Coca-Cola, Ball, Crown, Rexam, KraftHeinz, Nampak Bevcan, through the doors.

To find out more about the courses we offer and to discuss our courses in more detail you can contact us here