reformat™ Decorator

The machine has been designed to incorporate quick change features to reduce setup time and eliminate the use of tools where possible.

reformat™ Decorator benefits include:

 Asset 1-decorator Direct Drive Servo Motors – reduces cost of ownership and maintenance
 Asset 2-decorator Improved efficiency – lower energy consumption
 Asset 3-decorator Servo registration – reduces time to produce an acceptable can
 Asset 4-decorator Intelligent drives – machine condition monitoring
 Asset 5-decorator Rear mounted Servo motors provide easy access for routine maintenance
 Asset 6-decorator Quick, safe and efficient access to all eight inkers – each inker is driven by it’s own independent motor
 Asset 7-decorator Variable speed Ductor roller allows for adjustments on the fly – fine adjustment of the Doctor blade means no tools required
 Asset 8-decorator Single mandrel trip with reliable operation at up to 2000cpm, can carriers designed for quick change
 Asset 9-decorator Independent pin chain drive motor
 Asset 10-decorator Positioning of Gravure roller contributes to reduced misting
 Asset 11-decorator OV unit is quick and easy to remove for maintenance, reducing hazards and providing a significant health & safety improvement
 Asset 12-decorator Carefully designed Inker guards and extract hoods improve operator access and health & safety

See the Decorator in action:

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