The Bodymaker is an advanced, horizontal, double-action press for production of steel or aluminium DWI cans at high speeds and efficiencies. Combine this with the Trimmer becomes the Canmaker.

Bodymaker benefits include:

CEbodymaker Fully CE compliant guarding allowing convenient access to the machine
 plug playbodymaker Plug and play service connections aid reduced on-site installation time
 power packbodymaker Hydraulic Power Pack ensures oil cleanliness is maintained to ISO standard, reducing oil contamination and risk of breakdown
 microdomerbodymaker Option to incorporate latest CMB Microdomer
 Asset 16holddown-bodymaker Improved hold-down mechanism for cup redraw to improve reliability and accuracy
 crankshaftbodymaker Overbalanced crankshaft to minimise vibration
 Asset 17electrical-bodymaker Latest electrical systems
 chydraulicbodymaker Hydraulic clutch and brake for accurate stopping at high speeds and reduced maintenance
 Asset 18autobar-bodymaker AutoBAR ™
 pneumaticbodymaker Latest pneumatic technology
 bespoke cupbodymaker Machines can be tailored to bespoke Cup requirements


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Bodymaker - technical table

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