Apprenticeship Scheme

Our success speaks for itself. Within CMB Engineering our many years in canmaking and industry pedigree means that there is a vast amount of knowledge for enthusiastic newcomers to tap into. It has long been a priority of ours to ensure that the skills and expertise of our more experienced team members are passed on to the new generation of canmakers.

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We want to engineer your success through our Apprenticeship schemes which are open to women and men, and we want to further encourage women to apply by launching our new initiative.
As part our long-term vision of achieving gender parity, we are striving hard to accomplish this with our latest Apprenticeship campaign with the aim of attracting more female Engineering Apprentices and levelling the field.

Traditionally, Engineering positions have been more male dominated. Therefore, it’s extremely important for us to create a greater balance in the industry – not just for Engineering but also for Apprenticeship roles in general and this is just the beginning.

That’s why we’re striving to generate more interest and applications with any females who are looking for a challenge and want to broaden their experience. Right now, we’ve got plenty of great men across our technical teams, and our ambition is to have lots of great women on those teams too! It’s all about getting the best from a diverse workforce and encouraging more women to bring their skills to more technical-based roles, which is why we’re looking for proactive, hands-on women to join us as career Engineers.
Check out Gabrielle Lloyd’s case study here.


This is an amazing opportunity for technically minded, proactive women and men to join a rapidly growing and environmentally conscious business that designs, develops, and manufactures high-performance metal forming and finishing machinery to produce beverage, food, and aerosol cans. With our commitment to innovation and precision engineering, we continuously strive to break the mould.

Interested in an apprenticeship with CMbE?

For all enquiries regarding the apprenticeship scheme, please e-mail Leon Slingsby – Training Manager:

Leon Slingsby Leon Slingsby
Training Manager – CMbEE:

How to Apply:

We begin apprentice recruitment at approximately March time every year.  If you are interested in joining the team, here at CMbE, please kindly Leon Slingsby near the time of recruitment.

You will also need to register your application with STEGTA, our training provider. STEGTA have a number of vacancies for apprenticeships on their website. Please contact the STEGTA Business Development Team on 0161 877 4078 to register your interest and find out further information.

In the meantime, thank you for your interest and good luck with your search!

Our Success Speaks For Itself

Young people join us as either mechanical or electrical engineering apprentices and undertake a four-year technical training programme.  They can then progress their careers throughout all areas of the company’s operations including sales, production, design, procurement and quality.  Our success at nurturing talent speaks for itself; several members of our senior leadership team started their careers as CMB apprentices.


The Future Of The Canmaking Industry

There is no doubt that the canmaking industry has been shaped by a rich industrial heritage and draws on a number of traditional engineering skills honed and perfected over many years.  This is something of which we as canmakers and equipment suppliers should be proud. But what’s next and what does the future hold?  At CMB Engineering, we are always looking to “the next generation of canmaking equipment”– which for us, combines two distinct ideas: a new generation of technology, essential to help our customers continue to succeed; and ongoing investment in a new generation of canmaking professionals.

If we as an industry are going to continue to push the boundaries, we need bright, creative individuals to design and build extraordinary new canmaking machines.  Nurturing talent brings great results – our Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2014, for example, was a result of our investment in people.

For the continued success and growth of the canmaking industry, we must foster innovation through apprenticeship programmes.  These schemes enable us to attract and retain the brightest young prospects, whose creativity and aptitude will help solve the problems of tomorrow.

Creativity and drive begins with a clear vision from the top, creating an ethos that encourages innovation across the company; something we value highly at CMB Engineering.  Our management team combines extensive experience in both canmaking and commerce, and firmly believes in training young talent and encouraging the development of new ideas, keeping our perspectives fresh.  It’s why we are known for our apprenticeship scheme, which ensures the passion and drive shared by management is encouraged at every level, while passing the knowledge of previous generations to newcomers.  Our investment in young apprentices is clearly paying off – a team of our brightest was just awarded a prestigious victory at the national WorldSkills UK competition for engineering.

The future of canmaking is exciting and dynamic, and its people that will enable us to harness new technologies, draw on the knowledge and expertise at our fingertips, and create exciting solutions that meet industry demand.  Here’s to the next generation!