Since the Seamer Tooling manufacturing operation was relocated to our Shipley headquarters, we have supplied Seamer Tooling to over 380 different global company locations in the beer/beverage, food, and aerosol industries. With key offices in the USA, UK, and China, we are able to support our customers efficiently.

Over the years, we have proven that our tooling is capable of producing far more seamed cans than our competitors.  Also, due to the quality of our products, the customers benefit from improved seam quality, reduced maintenance, reduced lubrication frequency, reduced lubrication quantities, less seam adjustment interventions, and longer life tooling.  We also offer service plans and support to help ensure your Seamers, whatever their make, are working at maximum efficiency.

Innovators of the Seaming Industry

CMB Engineering was one of the first companies to introduce the following to the seaming industry:

  • Stoody® materials
  • CVD coatings
  • ‘Hipped’ chucks
  • Specialised variants of coatings
  • Cartridge ceramic bearings
  • Specialised seals – ‘Eco Seal, ‘Evo Seal’ and ‘Ultraseal’

All of the above have improved production and eliminated such issues as ‘metal pick up’ and ‘skidders’.