Die Necker

The Die Necker is a multi-stage die necking machine capable of producing cans at speeds of up to 3400 cans per minute.

Die Necker benefits include:

 reduce chnageoverdie necker Reduced changeover and set up time through advanced machine design
 speeddie necker Works at speeds of up to 3400 cpm
 central greasedie necker Automatic centralised grease lubrication
 reduce maintaindie necker Reduced maintenance and downtime due to improved machine dynamics
 headdie necker 12-head, 10-head and 8-head variants available to suit your production output requirements
 acoustic guardingdie necker Acoustic Reduction Guarding

Additional Process Units:

 flangingdie necker Flanging
 base reformdie necker Internal Base Reforming
 light testerdie necker Light Tester
 vision insoectdie necker Vision Inspection
 intermediate feeddie necker Intermediate Infeed
 reverse candie necker Reverse Can Ejection

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Die Necker - technical table

Die Necker Leaflet