reformat™ Spray Machine

The reformat™ Spray Machine allows faster presentation of cans without reducing the spray window because the spray window, or dwell period, is not dependent on a mechanical method of indexing. Consequently the spray window can always be the optimum length to ensure perfect and consistent coating of the can at any run speed.

reformat™ Spray Machine benefits include:

Asset 8-reformat Reduced energy consumption – consumes 75% less energy than other models
 Asset 7-reformat Reduced footprint
 Asset 6-reformat Increased speed – able to reach higher speeds compared to previous mechanical spray machines
 Asset 1-reformat Reduced down time – quicker to clean
 Asset 5-reformat Improvements in process control – able to modulate speed
 Asset 4-reformat Designed to minimise tool usage
 Asset 3-reformat Can be run at very low speeds to keep the guns active during impeding line build back or low line infeed level
 Asset 2-reformat Fully adjustable machine designed for quick height & diameter change overs

reformat™ Spray Machine in action:

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