Cupping Press

The cupping press is the latest machine from CMB to incorporate the unique AutoBAR™.

Cupping Press benefits include:

 Asset 8cupping-press Works at speeds of up to 300 spm
 Asset 7cupping-press Under driven press
 Asset 6cupping-press Dynamically counter balanced
 Asset 5cupping-press Adjustable shut heights for the inner slide
 Asset 4cupping-press Magnetic clamping for the inner slide
 Asset 3cupping-press Capable of feeding 74” coil
 Asset 2cupping-press Unique electrical features
 Asset 1cupping-press 3” slide stroke for improved access
 CEbodymaker Fully CE approved
 Asset 9cupping-press Portable HMI
 Asset 18autobar-bodymaker AutoBARTM

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Cupping Press- technical table

Cupping Press Leaflet