We Engineer Your Success

CarnaudMetalbox Engineering (CMB Engineering) designs, develops and manufactures high-performance metal forming and finishing machinery for the production of beverage, food and aerosol cans.  With our commitment to innovation and precision engineering, we continuously strive to break the mold.  With CMB Engineering, can manufacturers can keep up with consumer demands, capitalise on market opportunities and ensure production efficiency.  We supply precision engineered canmaking machinery to a global market, Canmakers, Trimmers, Beaders, Die Neckers, Bodymakers, Decorators all available from our headquarters in Shipley, UK.

At CMB Engineering we pride ourselves on supplying advanced can manufacturing solutions to customers around the world. Drawing on our wealth of experience and the latest cutting-edge technologies, we work in partnership with our customers to speed up the canmaking process, enhance flexibility and productivity, reduce material waste and enhance product quality.

Our People

From metal forming and trimming through to complex decoration, our machines are tailored to the requirements of the customer. They are built to operate at high efficiency, produce cans of superior quality and increase output while minimizing downtime due to changeovers or maintenance.

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