The Academy

At CMB Engineering, we firmly believe in the power of shared knowledge as a driver of innovation and efficiency.  We have created several channels for sharing our canmaking knowledge, experience and expertise internally; with our customers and the industry as a whole.


Equipment Available & Training in The Academy

Our Academy contains the very latest canmaking equipment. By taking the equipment off the line and making it available for training, eradicates any downtime whilst in manufacturing locations.

Travel and accommodation

Travel & Accommodation

Visiting us by car or air is very easy, we are centrally located in the Yorkshire region and are serviced regularly with flights from all major cities and airports.

Canmaking & Seaming Courses


Our courses are both bespoke to the customer but also we host a number of off the shelf training packages for all our customers.

Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeship Scheme

Our success speaks for itself. Within CMB Engineering, our many years in canmaking and industry pedigree mean that there is a vast amount of knowledge for young, enthusiastic newcomers to tap into. It has long been a priority of ours to ensure that the skills and expertise of our more experienced team members are passed on to the new generation of canmakers.