Task 4 – Super Spy Secret Code

CMbE needs our Super Spy Little Recruits to help crack the code! Our spy’s at the little academy have set a secret code & we need help from your children to work out the hidden messages.

Little Academy – Task 4:
Super Spy Secret Code
Task 3 - Puzzles-01


Each code has a simple solution, once you know the secret!  This activity will keep your children occupied for hours as well as practicing maths, handwriting & sounding out words, all whilst having have fun of course!

Let their imaginations run wild & encourage your children to write spy messages & even create their own amazing secret code with the template provided.  Simply introduce the idea of secret codes and let them do all the creative work! Kids will spend hours writing their very own spy messages to their friends & family.

secrect code download Download & print the user-friendly PDF puzzles document
Can you crack the code & create your own?
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