Task 5 – Build a Balloon Powered Car

Start your (balloon) engines! Learn how you can power a toy car with air and a little knowledge of physics.

Little Academy – Task 5:
Build A Balloon Powered Car
Task 5 - Balloon Powered Car-01

Children are natural engineers. They love to design and build with almost anything they can get their hands on. Now (home) school is out for summer here is a fun filled task to keep them busy over the summer break. Follow the step by step guide to build a balloon-powered car from recycled materials in this fun activity and watch it go!

In this activity your little recruits will learn some physics concepts and use recycled materials to build a toy car that is powered by a balloon. They can even grab a friend, build two cars, and race them against each other! Whose car will go the fastest?

BalloonCar-Download Download & print the user-friendly step by step document document
How fast will your car go?Little Academy – Build a Balloon Powered Car >