Our People

We are passionate about canmaking. Combining the fresh perspectives of young team members new to the industry with the in-depth knowledge of canmaking veterans, we continually develop machinery, services and training to benefit every customer. Our depth and breadth of canmaking knowledge is legendary and our machines are too, but without our people making this happen we wouldn't be where we are today.

Experts in canmaking machinery

We have a long history in the industry at CMB Engineering.  From young apprentices just beginning their careers, to employees who have been with us for over three decades.  Because of this, our teams work together to share skills and knowledge across the business; and this benefits our customers throughout the machine development process.  Our focus is on training and development.  This ensures that every team member has a deep understanding of the canmaking market and the forces that have shaped it; as well as the needs and expectations of our customers.  As the new generation of canmakers and canmaking technology emerges, we make sure we are driving positive change and innovation, at the heart of the industry.

Employee motivation

Engaging with our employees is key to the success of our business. Their involvement in all aspects of the business creates a greater understanding of our aims and ultimately, leads to success.  This relationship is crucial to help create a winning working environment and therefore, allows our employees’ careers to thrive in a supportive atmosphere.

Employee motivation

At CMB Engineering, engaging with our employees is a key aim; as involvement in all aspects of the business creates a greater understanding of the main aims of the business which ultimately leads to success; and this is infectious. A good relationship is crucial and can create a winning working environment which allows people to grow and thrive, in order to meet their personal and business goals.

Meet The Teams

The team at CMB Engineering is always on hand, working closely with you to ensure you have all of the technical support, design and engineering expertise, advice, spare parts and service that you need.

Our Sales Department are on hand from the start of your buying process, in order to answer any of your queries.  The team is made up of a mixture of experienced engineers; many of whom have had hands on experience of designing, building and installing machinery; working in addition with an excellent administration support team.

With teams based in Shipley, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa; Norwalk, USA, overseeing the Americas; and Shanghai, which looks after the Asia Pacific region; we are available to discuss enquiries regarding Seamer Tooling, Machine Sales, Spares and Technical Advice; and as a result, we can truly offer a global presence.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you regarding any issues or sales related questions please go to the contact page for details


Our Engineers set up machines quickly

Our Service Engineers are the best in the game.  Honed to perfection to meet the demands of the canmaker, no matter where you are globally.

When opening a new facility or adding a new line in your existing plant; our engineers can set up your machines quickly and efficiently, in order to begin production as swiftly as possible.  When installing new canmaking equipment, we recommend a CMB Engineering embedded engineer.  They are on site every step of the way; from setting up the machine to running post-installation performance checks, levelling equipment, and connecting track work.

Once installed, your embedded engineer will consult with plant personnel to establish a spares inventory suited to the facility’s space and needs.  Another key element provided by our expert during the installation and testing phase, is initial training for staff on the plant floor.  They will also introduce the mechanics, operation and maintenance of each system, whilst the installation is taking place.  This ensures your team is equipped with the knowledge required in order to work with these machines moving forward.

At CMB Engineering, our Apprentice Scheme is key to our business.  It provides an opportunity for our apprentices to tap into the depth of knowledge of decades’ of experienced engineers.  Many of current senior management careers began with us as apprentices; and therefore, their understanding of the business is second to none.

Our apprentices work closely with our mechanical and electrical engineers, honing their skills over a four year technical training programme.

The Future

As a business, we are committed to the continued success of the canmaking industry.  We strive to produce the most innovative technologies, using the brightest and most creative individuals, in order to drive the business forward.  our recent successes speak for themselves.  A team of our brightest apprentices will represent the UK later in the year in Abu Dhabi for the finals of the WorldSkills competition.


With a wealth of experience, our engineers are amongst the best in the business…

Nurtured through the Apprenticeship Scheme, alongside experienced engineers to ensure consistency in standards, build quality and passion to produce world leading products.

R&D – evolution; development of new equipment  – Canmaker, Decorator – other machines which have been developed by CMB

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  • Andrew Truelove

    Andrew Truelove
    SVP Automation and Canmaking Solutions

  • Marc Hoche
    General Manager/Vice President

  • Andrew Wilkinson
    Head of Sales

  • Caroline Mawer
    Director, Supply Chain CMB Global

  • Robert Brown
    Director, Finance CMB Global

  • Neil Pearse
    Director, Human Resources, CMB Global

  • Daniel Egerton
    Head of Technical

  • Adam Clerkin
    Head of Operations

  • Tim Mills
    Head of Quality

Since the Seamer Tooling manufacturing operation was relocated to our Shipley headquarters, we have supplied Seamer Tooling to over 380 different global company locations in the beer/beverage, food, and aerosol industries. With key offices in the USA, UK, and China, we are able to support our customers efficiently.

Over the years, we have proven that our tooling is capable of producing far more seamed cans than our competitors.  Also, due to the quality of our products, the customers benefit from improved seam quality, reduced maintenance, reduced lubrication frequency, reduced lubrication quantities, less seam adjustment interventions, and longer life tooling.  We also offer service plans and support to help ensure your Seamers, whatever their make, are working at maximum efficiency.


Please contact us if you would like more information about our solutions and services, or to arrange a meeting.

George Moffat Sales Manager EMEA
t:+44 (0)7801 208385 e: George.MOFFAT@cmbe.co.uk