Seaming Development

CMB Engineering’s Seam Development facility allows us to remove the confusion regarding chuck and roll profile combinations. With sample ends and cans, provided by our customers, we can close cans and provide a full report using our Double Seam Vision System, advising on the most suitable profiles. This has proved very popular, as customers often comment on how pleased they are knowing that they are achieving the best double seam closures specific to their products.

We lead the industry, and the world in Seamer Tooling Development and over numerous years have introduced many new features such as special non-corrosive materials, high quality coatings, ceramic bearings and specialised seals all originating from the Seamer Tooling business here in Shipley.  We supply tooling worldwide and manufacture approximately 10,000 items of tooling per year even though as a company, we do not actually manufacture a Seamer i.e. the machine that our parts fit.  Therefore, we have to supply better tooling than the OEM fit on their machines; which is similar to owning a Ford car yet buying Rolls Royce parts for it.

This sounds preposterous, yet is in fact exactly what we do.  We have proven over the years that our tooling is capable of producing far more seamed cans than that of  our competitors.  In addition, due to the quality of our products, the customers benefit from improved seam quality, reduced maintenance, lubrication frequency, and lubrication quantities; as well as less seam adjustment interventions and longer life tooling.  Our tooling is capable of closing in excess of 60 million cans in the beverage market and over 25 million in the food market.  We are at the forefront of tooling improvements and in conjunction with our R&D facilities here in Shipley and at Crown’s Wantage site in Oxford, along with the help of our fantastic customers we are able to launch new developments to the world of seaming when they are proven to offer benefits over existing products.

Here to help

We are here to help customers in the beverage and food industries perform to the best of their abilities; ‘In conjunction with our partners’ who are capable of performing the following duties on Ferrum, Angelus and Metalbox seamers:

  • Quick response if emergencies arise.
  • Technical support in terms of seamer tooling, seamer production and double seam integrity.
  • Twelve weekly asset care checks.
  • Twelve weekly seamer target setting exercise; to ensure the seamer is set up correctly and produces double seams in specification for commercial sale.
  • Preparation and delivery of minor and major overhauls.
  • Six or Eight year preventative maintenance plans, to assist with maintenance budgets.
  • Independent audits.
  • Can and/or end diameter change-overs.
  • Training in customer plants or in our Academy for Canmaking and Seaming.  For more information, please visit training section of website.