Chucks and Rolls

We are the market leaders in non-OEM Seamer Tooling and lead the world in Seamer Tooling innovation and development. Throughout our existence, we have introduced many new features such as special non-corrosive materials, high quality coatings, ceramic bearings and specialised seals all originating from the Seamer Tooling business here in Shipley.

CMB Engineering are at the forefront of tooling improvements and in conjunction with our R&D facilities here in Shipley, Crown’s Wantage site in Oxford, and with the help of our fantastic customers, we are able to launch new developments to the world of seaming when they are proven to offer benefits over existing products.

Accurate repeatability to minimise set-up time

All chucks and rolls produced by CMB Engineering provide accurate repeatability, in order to minimise set-up time during replacement and line changeovers; resulting in higher efficiencies in your line.

We offer a range of products, many of which were launched for the first time by CMB Engineering:

  • Stoody® lipped seaming chucks
  • ‘Eco-Seal’ technology
  • Titanium Carbide coatings for seaming chucks and rolls
  • ‘Ultra-Seal’ technology

We continually explore and test improvements to our tooling, which we can introduce to the world; and we believe that we offer the very best tooling that money can buy.


Our chucks can be designed and made to meet specific customer requirements for almost any can/end combination, for most common Seamers.  Each chuck, manufactured for a specific end design, can be customised to a customer’s needs, or matched to a recognised industry-standard manufacturing drawing.


Our team works with our customers to provide roll profiles, which are best suited for achieving the required double seam.  We have extensive experience across all products and materials; including aluminium, steel and plastic can combinations.  In addition, we apply a range of coatings to withstand the often-harsh environments of beverage and food filling plants.  These coatings also minimise the danger of lacquer scuffing.

As a guide, our tooling is capable of closing over 60 million cans in the beverage market, and over 25 million cans in the food market.  We manufacture approximately 10,000 items of tooling per year, even though as a company we no longer manufacture Seamers.