B Series Bodymakers

Refurbishing B Series Bodymakers is a cost efficient upgrade to your Bodymaker, we can add some of the technological advancements seen in the 5000 Bodymakers to your B Series Bodymaker.

Upgrade your existing Bodymakers

We can upgrade your existing Bodymakers so you can benefit from the technological improvements seen on the latest 5000 Bodymakers.  Moving from distributed pneumatic pressure switches and solenoids to a purpose designed and built Beeland Block system, which incorporates all equipment in one compact housing, offers the following benefits:

  • Incorporates fewer connections, leading to fewer leakage points.
  • All components are surface mounted providing the ability to remove components without having to remove piping and fittings.
  • The block itself is screen printed to allow for component identity along with the CMB Engineering part number for easy identification and replacement.
  • Can include the removal of all on-board mounted hydraulic components to the new power pack, freeing up space on the machine for ease of maintenance and access for changing filters and other components.
  • The power pack incorporates its own clean sump, heaters (having been removed from the Bodymaker sump), double pump conversion and large capacity secondary filter, water removal filters and heaters as well as the heat exchanger.

Further enhancements available from the refurbishment of your Bodymakers include an advanced design incorporating the tilted toolpack.  This provides easier access for the removal of tooling, combined with the advantage of having positive hydraulic clamping of the dies, due to the way the coolant is supplied to the toolpack area.

To find out about other possible improvements to your Bodymakers; or to discuss your refurbishment needs in more detail, contact our expert Engineering team.