5500 Canmaker

The 5500 Canmaker is the industry standard based on the proven CMB Engineering 5000 Bodymaker integrated with the CMB Engineering 550 Trimmer in one convenient and reliable package.

The 5500 Canmaker from CMB Engineering

The CMB Engineering 5000 Bodymaker is an advanced, horizontal, double-action press for production of steel or aluminium cans at high speeds and efficiencies.  With a record number of sales worldwide since its launch, the 5000 Bodymaker has become the industry standard that many try to emulate.  The 5500 Canmaker builds on this success, enabling even higher speeds with consistency and reliability provided by an integrated system.

Can control from the bodymaker discharge to the trimmer in-feed is precisely controlled by a vacuum conveyor.  Both machines and interconnecting conveyor are housed in the same guard package for safety and fluid retention.  The 550 Trimmer is a four head rotary machine capable of handling all standard DWI can sizes.  Cans are fed from the bodymaker’s interconnecting conveyor into a vacuum in-feed turret, and loaded onto quick-change cartridge style tooling.

A single ejector ring conforms to the untrimmed edge, and the can is held stationary whilst the internal penetrating disc moves eccentrically against the outer knife, accurately trimming the can in one revolution.  The 5500 Canmaker is the pinnacle of canmaking efficiency and in demanding environments, the 5500 Canmaker outperforms it’s competition time and time again.

Our Training Academy offers many packages for the smooth running of this stalwart of the canmaking market.

High-speed bodymaking and trimming from one fully integrated machine


  • Improved hold-down mechanism for cup redraw to improve reliability and accuracy
  • Overbalanced crankshaft to minimise vibration
  • Hydraulic clutch and brake for accurate stopping at high speeds and reduced maintenance
  • Rotary turret discharge with vacuum/magnetic interconnecting conveyor for smoother handling
  • Improved lubrication system
  • Better access for easy maintenance and quick change


  • Unique high-speed trimming process
  • Produces clean cut can with burr left on trim
  • Can is held stationary for precise and accurate trimming
  • Fast tooling and size changeover enabled by cartridge head design and simple height setting
  • Vacuum handling from infeed to discharge avoids jams and damage


  • CMB Engineering 5000 Bodymaker integrated with 550 Trimmer
  • 400 spm – higher speeds increase line cost effectiveness and reduce overall capital cost

21” (534mm)22” (575mm)26” (660mm)30” (762mm)
Max. can height
33cl/12oz Steel/Aluminium 25cl(202dia)/37.5cl Steel/Aluminium 44/50cl Steel/Aluminium 1000ml Steel/Aluminium
Max. can diameter
52-73mm (202-300) 52-73mm (202/300) 65/73mm (211-300) 65-73mm (211-300)
Main Motor
55 Kw (74hp)
Air Supply
5.5bar (80psi) min
3.0m³/min (110’³/min) at 6.2 bar (90psi)
Vacuum Trimmer
Supply 0.6bar (18” of HG)
Consumption 70m³/hr (43’/min)
Supply 20m bar (10” of water gauge)
Consumption 31m³/min (1100’³/min)
Typical weight
5500 Canmaker 12500Kg (27500lbs)
Control cabinet 1300Kg (2860lbs)
Hydrolub pack 1360Kg (3000lbs)
Complete safety guarding, electronically interlocked to the control system. Fully conforms to the requirements of the European Machinery Safety Directive

Technical Bulletins