Technical Bulletin: Conversion from Halogen Light Tester to LED Light Tester

This bulletin is to advise CMbE customers of the latest LED Light Tester Technology as a solution to changes in legislation.

Technical Bulletin: TB3400-036

Due to changing environmental legislation globally, and based upon the high level of CO2 emissions produced by inefficient halogen bulbs, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to source suitable halogen bulbs for the CMbE Halogen Light Tester. With this technology rapidly becoming obsolete, it is only a matter of time before CMbE will be unable to support the spares requirements of the Halogen Light Tester. This bulletin is to advise CMbE customers of this challenge, and to offer the latest LED Light Tester Technology as a solution.Necker Light tester Unit

Benefits to Customers:

  • Sensitivity of the LED Light Tester is improved, where it is possible to detect smaller can quality defects that the Halogen Light Tester is unable to detect, improving can quality for end customers and consumers.
  • LED’s are an environmentally friendly alternative to halogen bulbs
  • The LED systems are safer to operate, as they do not generate as much heat.
  • Includes ‘flash control’, which reduces spoilage produced during a reject (as there is no need to reject three additional cans like the Halogen system).
  • LED’s last significantly longer than halogen bulbs without requiring replacement. The latest LED light arrays allow individual LED arrays to be replaced if required – reducing spares inventory.
  • No lower light source is required with CMbE’s LED Light Tester, helping to reduce change over time and maintenance. This is possible with the increased light supply from the LED’s.
  • Secures future supply of Light Tester spare parts


For further information regarding this Technical Bulletin, please contact CMbE quoting Technical Bulletin number TB3400-036 and your machine Serial Number.


Download a PDF copy of the Technical Bulletin here: CMbE Technical Bulletin TB3400-036