Supporting local foodbanks

A huge thank you to the CMbE charity committee for their fantastic work with the local foodbank.

The CarnaudMetalbox Engineering Charity Fund has been donating to local charities for the last 30 years. Food donations are made to the local foodbank by members of staff all year round.

Charity committee member Sue Roy began saving reward vouchers from the company purchase of Avery labels, and the charity committee got permission to use them for the foodbank.

Having saved up £100 in vouchers, she went shopping with fellow committee member Paula Gurney and below is what they got.

The foodbank were over the moon.

foodbank 1


Josie from the Bradford Central Foodbank commented:


“Thank you so much for your recent donation of 77.20KG this is amazing! This will feed 13 people or provide 117 meals.

I hope you had a good half term! I lucked out on the weather while I was camping in the Lakes which was amazing! While I was away the team did a fantastic job of feeding 404 people including 263 people on free school meals. Here are some of the families we helped last week with your support – THANK YOU!!!

As well as working with schools to help hungry families we also work with agencies to support asylum seekers and refugees. As Bradford is a city of sanctuary, we all want to help people who have left everything and everyone behind in the hope of being safe.

foodbank 2

As it’s Refugee Week next week I wanted to share Hallat’s story with you, he says:

‘I am from Iraq and my dad was in the army. One day Isis attacked my village and they killed my dad and they took my mom and brother as slaves. That day I went to my uncle’s home in another city but after a while he said am scared if you stay here they might come for you and kill my family so he pay some guy to took me to England when I was 15 or 16. I miss my mom and brother so much, I wish I could find them.

Foodbank is one of the best places to meet people and foodbank members are so nice and helpful. I like to work there as volunteer because I believe there are many people who need us so we can try help them even its small help. Thanks for everything and I hope nobody have my situation.’

Thanks so much for your support and making all this possible!!!


The money in the charity fund is donated entirely by employees of the company and is held in a separate account to any CMbE monies. The fund also supports company competitions to help boost morale.  Donations are made to various local charities on an annual basis.


To contact our Shipley office, please use the details below and we will be happy to help.

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T: +44 (0)1274 846200
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Article by Rowan Newman , T&A Community Reporter