Pattern Shop

Our Pattern Shop offers valuable apprenticeship programmes, ensuring this highly sought after engineering skill continues to be developed for the benefit of all types of industrial equipment manufacture in years to come. In this exacting and highly craft-intensive process, our pattern makers have years of experience in delivering patterns for castings of superior quality.

Our Pattern Makers have years of Experience

Industrial pattern making is a highly specialised skill; and one which few engineering companies are able to offer at their facilities.  At our Shipley headquarters, CMB Engineering draws on a rich industrial heritage which allows our dedicated pattern making team to provide this service to customers looking to manufacture any type of machine component.  We understand that customers are looking to convert fabrications into castings as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, without compromising precision engineering or quality.  At CMB Engineering, our team and equipment are on site and ready to create patterns to any specification; and we are able to offer the highest level of engineering expertise at a competitive rate.

Our industrial patterns are constructed using top-quality woods such as birch, yellow pine and mahogany, as well as other materials such as polyurethane or resin and paste laminates.  From a customer drawing, the Pattern Shop team will create a wooden pattern to any specification and ensure that the foundry closely follows it, turning the original template into a highly precise metal casting.  Once complete, these components will be assembled into the end machine.

At CMB Engineering’s Pattern Shop, we also have the capability to produce patterns and castings for fixtures to mount onto C.N.C. (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines.