Our experts work to identify opportunities for enhancements and upgrades; whatever the enhancement, we collaborate with our customers to establish a solution that will improve performance, enhance the production process, and further improve the quality of the end result.

Our Engineers are Highly Experienced

To provide packaging that meets ever-changing industry demands there is an alternative to replacing an entire machine or line as a number of alterations or improvements can be achieved through the enhancement of existing equipment.  Our experts work closely with customers to identify opportunities for enhancements and upgrades; as well as developing solutions designed specifically to enable a customer’s line to be adapted to meet new industry needs.

For example, with demand for increased product differentiation, new can sizes and shapes are becoming more popular globally.  By switching a Bodymaker from single to dual stroke, canmakers are able to produce a wider variety of can sizes on just one machine.

As well as changing the features on an existing machine, enhancement can include the addition of components, such as an Internal Base Reforming (IBR) Unit, which further strengthens the dome of the can base.  An IBR allows the use of thinner coil stock to reduce the weight of cans, enabling manufacturers to use less material and minimise cost, without affecting packaging integrity.