At CMB Engineering, our experts can refurbish trimmers from our own range or from other manufacturers’ ranges. Parts used are sourced from the manufacturer of the original machine where possible and built to original specifications and standards.

We can rebuild and update your Trimmers

The machine rebuild includes a complete strip down, clean, inspection and re-paint, and as part of the refurbishment package we will replace all bearings, seals, ‘O’ rings and gaskets as well as overhaul parts.  Any worn or damaged parts that are found during inspection will also be replaced.

Rebuilding your trimmers also facilitates the inclusion of any upgrades from the manufacturer that have been developed since the time of original build.  These can include improved guard packages and revised discharge guide layouts.

Refurbishment is also an opportunity to implement enhancements that can improve performance and efficiency.  For example, the replacement of micro switches (on the belt brake, infeed jam and discharge jam) with sensors, to provide better detection and common stock holding across machines.

With increased demand for greater variety in can sizes, we also offer conversions from standard to multi-can height machines.  This involves changing the machine base and the main shaft of the machine for larger versions to enable this increase in flexibility.