reformat™ Spray Machine

The reformat™ Spray Machine allows faster presentation of cans without reducing the spray window because the spray window, or dwell period, is not dependent on a mechanical method of indexing. Consequently the spray window can always be the optimum length to ensure perfect and consistent coating of the can at any run speed. In addition; improved perfomance (cans/minute) can be acheived by the ability to alter the motion profiles enabling shorter move or index times, and the sensing of chuck spin is improved for more accurate measuring of the number of wraps applied to each can.

Furthermore, improved electrical control allows the machine to run at slower speeds when line control requires it; a feature that means that the machine will not run out of cans and stop unnecessarily, which in traditional machines causes lacquer to begin to harden and block the spray guns.

Energy can be harvested from slowly indexing turrets and re-used to drive up the speed of the turrets on adjecent spray units, vastly reducing energy consumption of the whole machine.

Additionally, improved vacuum channels and chucks ensure that vacuum usage is significantly less than on traditional machines.  Maintenance is vastly reduced as the machine has far fewer consumable components than traditional spray machines; downtime is also reduced when converting can sizes.  Operation of the machine enables the possibility to input setting recipes into the PLC to be recalled when changing to a different can; this eliminates many instances of operator error due to poor setting.

The machine has the option to be controlled remotely from a tablet computer.

Key Benefits

  • The reformat™ spray machine uses only 25% of the energy consumed by a 3200 spray machine (when running at 350CPM with 100mS spray window).
  • Regenerated energy from a decelerating spray machine may be utilised by the partner spray machine, producing further energy savings.
  • When the can stop is closed, a low idle speed further reduces energy consumption.
  • Increased throughput – 400CPM with a 100mS spray window to 600CPM with a 50mS spray window.
  • Increased number of counter pulses per revolution of the spinner chuck provides a more accurate wrap measurement.
  • Can be run at very low speeds to keep the guns active during impending line build back or line low infeed level.

Less Parts, Less Maintenance Increased Efficiency, Increased Productivity

75% Lower Energy Consumption
14% Increase In Speed
Easier Installation


reformat™ 3200 Lacquer Spray Machine reformat™ 3200 Lacquer Spray Machine