550 Trimmer

The 550 Trimmer is a four-head rotary machine capable of handling all standard DWI can sizes. Cans are fed from the bodymaker’s interconnecting conveyor into a vacuum infeed turret, and loaded onto quick-change cartridge style tooling. A single ejector ring conforms to the untrimmed edge, and the can is held stationary whilst the internal penetrating disc moves eccentrically against the outer knife, accurately trimming the can in one revolution.

An important feature of this process is that the burr remains on the trim and not the can.  This improves downline can handling.  The perfectly trimmed can exits the 550 Trimmer and the trim ring is ejected separately with air assistance.  The 550 Trimmer uses CMB Engineering’s proven cartridge-based tooling system for fast and easy replacement.  The low number of moving parts and sealed-for-life bearings help to ensure minimal maintenance requirements.

Each tooling head is fully interchangeable, and can be set up and tested off-line using the optional single-head trimming rig to help to ensure the cans are within specification before going into production.  The penetrating disc is made from carbide.  The outer knife, manufactured in tool steel or carbide, can be reground for long life.  No further settings are required to maintain long-term performance.

Key Benefits

  • Unique high-speed trimming process
  • Produces clean cut can with burr left on trim
  • Can is held stationary for precise and accurate trimming
  • Vacuum handling from infeed to discharge avoids jams and damage
  • Fast tooling changeover enabled by cartridge head design and simple height setting

Max. height
248mm (604)
Max. diameter
84mm (307)
Speedup to 550 cpm
Main motor 2.2kW (3hp)
Supply 5.5bar (80psi) min
Consumption 1.2m³/min (45’³/min)
Main Turret Supply 0.74bar (25” of HG)
Conveyor Supply 24m bar (10” of water gauge)
Main Turret Consumption 2.27m³/hr (80’³/min)
Conveyor Consumption 31m³/min (1100’³/min)
Typical weight
1500Kg (3300lbs)
Complete safety guarding, electronically interlocked to the control system. Fully conforms to the requirements of the European Machinery Safety Directive.