5000 Bodymaker

The 5000 Bodymaker is an advanced, horizontal, double-action press for production of steel or aluminium DWI cans at high speeds and efficiencies. Combine this with the 550 Trimmer becomes the 5500 Canmaker.

The 5000 Bodymaker has a hydraulic clutch/brake system fitted as standard to provide reliable machine control with minimal maintenance.  It incorporates CMB Engineering’s well proven rapid stop module which controls braking to allow accurate stopping of the machine at high speeds.  The 5000 Bodymaker tool cradle can be designed to suit your specific tooling requirements.

Ram guidance is provided by either a coolant-fed non-metallic bush or a high pressure oil-fed hydrostatic bush.  A separate low pressure lubrication system feeds the main bearings, swing lever and cam followers.  The bodymaker can be fitted with an optional dual stroke swing lever, allowing for flexibility in machine configuration.

The bodymaker discharge conveyor is quick and easy to set up for quick changeovers.  This can be configured for different bodymaker/trimmer positions.


  • 400 spm or more – higher speeds increase line cost-effectiveness and reduce overall capital cost
  • Improved hold-down mechanism for cup redraw to improve reliability and accuracy
  • Overbalanced crankshaft to minimise vibration
  • Hydraulic clutch and brake for accurate stopping at high speeds and reduced maintenance
  • Rotary turret discharge with vacuum/magnetic interconnecting conveyor for smoother handling
  • Improved lubrication system
  • Better access for easy maintenance and quick changes


22” (575mm) 26” (660mm) 30” (762mm)
Max. can height
33cl/12oz Steel/Aluminium 25cl(202dia)/37.5cl Steel/Aluminium 44/50cl Steel/Aluminium 1000ml Steel/Aluminium
Max. can diameter
52-73mm (202-300) 52-73mm (202/300) 65/73mm (211-300) 65-73mm (211-300)
Main Motor
55 Kw (74hp)
Air Supply
5.5bar (80psi) min
Air Consumption
3.0m³/min (110’³/min) at 6.2 bar (90psi)
Vacuum Trimmer
Supply: 0.6bar (18” of HG)
Consumption: 70m³/hr (43’/min)
Vacuum Conveyor
Supply: 20m bar (10” of water gauge)
Consumption: 31m³/min (1100’³/min)
Typical weight
5500 Canmaker: 12500Kg (27500lbs)
Control Cabinet: 1300Kg (2860lbs)
Hydrolub Pack:1360Kg (3000lbs)
Complete safety guarding, electronically interlocked to the control system. Fully conforms to the requirements of the European Machinery Safety Directive.

5000 Bodymaker Brochure