3400 Neck Forming System

The 3400 Neck Forming System is a multi-stage die necking machine capable of producing cans at speeds of up to 3400 cans per minute.

CMB Engineering | 3400 Neck forming System in Production

An increase in process time leads to significantly improved machine dynamics, resulting in an increase in component life, lower maintenance costs and less downtime.  The machine is supplied in unit form, allowing customer flexibility in the number of units per machine.  Additional units can be added at a later date if required.

Access and visibility in the machine are improved by the use of a fully interlocked enclosure.

A flanging stage is available to fit into a standard unit, using established CMB Engineering flanging technology.  A light tester stage, a vision inspection stage and a base reforming stage are also available as additional units.

For trouble-free can handling at high speeds, the machine features a dual turret infeed with integral waxing function.

Key Benefits

  • Works at speeds of up to 3400 cpm
  • Flexibility in number of stages per machine
  • Can incorporate additional process units:
    • Flanging Unit
    • Base Reforming Unit
    • Light Detection Unit
    • Vision Inspection Unit

Can Sizes
Can height and diameter changes are very convenient, as the machine is fully adjustable. The machine has been specifically designed to allow quick changeovers.
Up to 3400 cans per minute
Distributed machine drive to allow a number of smaller standard drive units to be fitted within a larger machine. This increases the flexibility of the machine configuration, reduces the variation between machines and eliminates the danger of damage to the machine during emergency stops.
Complete safety guarding, electronically interlocked to the control system.
Nordson Spray Equipment.Additional FeaturesAutomatic centralised grease lubrication.Use of non-metallic gears to eliminate the requirement for oil lubrication.Pusher rams with extended life due to an innovative anti-rotation feature.1.75 “ pusher stroke, allowing the tooling to incorporate increased tooling length, giving greater can neck-to-body concentric.

3400 Neck Forming System