3200 Lacquer Spray Machine

Spray coating machine for internal and base surfaces of aluminium or steel cans.

The CMB Engineering 3200 Lacquer Spray Machine utilises Nordson® airless spray technology to precisely apply a coating uniformly to the interior of metal cans.  Liquid coating material is accurately sprayed onto the interior can surface using precision nozzles and high-speed, repeatable spray guns. This provides consistent results, can to can, and durable, low maintenance operation.

Available in either single or dual turret format, the machine turrets are indexed by proprietary index units.  These have a twin dwell, high-speed, globoidal mechanism.

High-speed internal coating of aluminium or steel cans

When fully-integrated with the Nordson® iTrax® System, the CMB Engineering 3200 Lacquer Spray Machine can automatically monitor the inside spray process, maintain corrective action and maintenance histories, and detect changes in the performance of the spray system that may affect production quality.  It can also be configured to store can recipes, enabling automatic timer and pressure changing of the spray guns when changing to different container sizes or types.  Monitoring of the can spin belt speed, chuck vacuum, and gun mount position is optional.

Key Benefits

  • Reaches speeds of up to 400 cpm with the single turret or 350 cpm with twin turret
  • Flexibility in number of stages
  • Works with following can sizes: 15cl 202 to 568ml 211

Can Sizes
15cl 202 to 50cl 211
Can height and diameter changes are very convenient, as the machine is fully adjustable. The machine has been designed to allow quick changeovers
Up to 350 cans per minute (Twin Turret)
Up to 400 cans per minute (Single Turret) 12 or 6 pocket
3kw Drive to indexing units
Independent Spinner Drive
Complete safety guarding, electronically interlocked to the control system
Nordson Spray Equipment
Dome Spray
Mis-spray Detection (Nordson iTrax® Spray Monitor) Model SM or Sencon
Nordson Spray Pressure Control
Nordson Temperature Control (TCU) Unit
Nordson iTrax® Spray Controller (Model SC) Nordson iTrax® Pressure
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