Phased Training

The priority is to keep downtime to a minimum.

Our Training is World Class

In the case of a new facility being built or new line being installed, many of the plant personnel will require in depth training and guidance on the new machines. For a relatively small cost, our phased training programmes, carried out on site, help to explain how each machine works; guide your team on how to ensure the best results from each system and provide a chance for you to work with us first hand on every aspect of the technology, from set-up and running to maintenance and spares.

In a busy plant environment, the priority is always to keep downtime to a minimum.  Our phased training helps us to achieve this.  On each shift, our engineer will work with the team to train them on each aspect of the new equipment; ensuring the required knowledge is shared over every staff rotation.  This means that once we have you up and running, we provide all the training necessary for your team to be able to set the machines according to your needs, troubleshoot minor problems internally and maintain the machine effectively, leading to time, cost and labour savings across the board.

Phased training includes:

  • Machine mechanics – How they work
  • Health and Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

Our training is world class and can be run here at our headquarters in Shipley, UK or alternatively onsite. We can also create bespoke training packages in line with your manufacturing requirements.  Our training packages can be viewed on our training pages but please contact us on +44(0)1274 846200 to discuss options available to you.