Introducing ‘Little Academy’ from CMbE

CMbE understands the challenges of working from home with children can sometimes be difficult. With this in mind we have created 'CMbE Little Academy’ to help keep them entertained with fun and educational tasks.

Children are natural engineers. They love to design and build with almost anything they can get their hands on.  Follow the free step by step guides in our fun activities, whilst they are learning new skills at the same time.

In the current climate it is vital that everyone works together and remains positive. We are here to help parents who are home schooling and are running out of ideas that keep their children busy but are educational at the same time.

Keep your eyes peeled for a series of fun & educational tasks for your little recruits over the upcoming weeks.

Little Academy – Task 7
Christmas Agamograph

Task 7 - Christmas Agamograph

Tis the season to be jolly and to have some fun with our free Christmas Agamograph Template!

There is something quite magical to agamographs, two perspectives, two festive pictures.  With Christmas time approaching, download and print our printable agamograph template to keep the kids busy during the holidays.

Get your little recruits armed with colouring pencils, pens or whatever they can get their hands on to help sprinkle festive colour!

May we take this opportunity to pass on our best wishes to you and your families and a happy festive season.

Xmas download Download & print the user-friendly step by step document document
Two perspectives in one

Little Academy – Christmas Agamograph >



Little Academy – Task 6:
Flying ‘Mini’ Pumpkins
Task 6 - Flying Pumpkins

Halloween is coming up, learn how to create your own flying ‘mini’ pumpkin catapult! Why not have flying pumpkin races!?!

A fun way to integrate Halloween with the restrictions in place this year, here is a force & motion task for our little recruits! In Task 6 from the Little Academy, our little engineers can find out more about the relationship between force, speed, and distance.  Discover & understand what catapults are used for by flying ‘pumpkins’ through the air.

Children are the engineers of tomorrow. They love to design and build with almost anything they can get their hands on.  We would love to see your projects in action!

Of course, you don’t have to have pumpkins to shoot through the air. You could use other objects just as well!

Flying Pumpkin - Little Academy Download Download & print the user-friendly step by step document document
See how far your pumpkin can fly!Little Academy – Flying ‘Mini’ Pumpkins >

Little Academy – Task 5:
Build A Balloon Powered Car
Task 5 - Balloon Powered Car-01

Start your (balloon) engines! Learn how you can power a toy car with air and a little knowledge of physics.

Children are natural engineers. They love to design and build with almost anything they can get their hands on. Now (home) school is out for summer here is a fun filled task to keep them busy over the summer break. Follow the step by step guide to build a balloon-powered car from recycled materials in this fun activity and watch it go!

In this activity your little recruits will learn some physics concepts and use recycled materials to build a toy car that is powered by a balloon. They can even grab a friend, build two cars, and race them against each other! Whose car will go the fastest?

BalloonCar-Download Download & print the user-friendly step by step document document
How fast will your car go?Little Academy – Build a Balloon Powered Car >

Little Academy – Task 4:
Super Spy Secret Code
Task 3 - Puzzles-01

CMbE needs our Super Spy Little Recruits to help crack the code! Our spy’s at the little academy have set a secret code & we need help from your children to work out the hidden messages.

Each code has a simple solution, once you know the secret!  This activity will keep your children occupied for hours as well as practicing maths, handwriting & sounding out words, all whilst having have fun of course!

Let their imaginations run wild & encourage your children to write spy messages & even create their own amazing secret code with the template provided.  Simply introduce the idea of secret codes and let them do all the creative work! Kids will spend hours writing their very own spy messages to their friends & family.

secrect code download Download & print the user-friendly PDF puzzles document
Can you crack the code & create your own?
Little Academy – Super Spy Secret Code >

Little Academy – Task 3:
Recycling Puzzles
Task 3 - Puzzles-01

Who said recycling can’t be fun? Liven up recycling with this fun collection of puzzles from CMbE Little Academy – perfect for the kids (and adults!). These 4 printable puzzles are a good reminder of the importance of recycling.

Recycling is very important for the future of our planet. We can help our environment by reducing the amount of rubbish we throw away everyday. The puzzles will let you find out how much you know about waste and recycling as well as learning how much stuff you can actually re-use.

Puzzles download Download & print the user-friendly PDF puzzles document
Complete one or all 4… the choice is yours!
Little Academy – Recycling Puzzles Task 3 >


Little Academy – Task 2:
VE Day Celebration Tool Kit

Task 2 - VE Day Celebration Tool Kit

This year marks the 75th anniversary of VE day. Celebrations will be different this year, but here is some fun tasks to help your little recruits celebrate VE day whilst in lockdown.

The Little Academy printable’s includes four fun tasks for your little recruits to celebrate the occasion which include:
Time Capsule
Remember this time in history! The 2020 Covid-19 Time capsule task is for kids of all ages… even the little ones!

Design a War Medal
Design a bravery war medal to commemorate VE day.

Cupcakes with DIY Mini VE Day Flags
Make your own cupcakes and decorate with the mini flag templates.

Colour in Bunting Templates
Decorate your home with this DIY downloadable colour-in VE day inspired bunting.

ve day download Download & print the user-friendly PDF document
Complete one or them all… the choice is yours!
VE Day Celebration Tool Kit Download >

Little Academy – Task 1:
Recycling Centre Sorting Game
Task 1 - Recycling Sorting Game header-01

The Recycling Centre Sorting Game is a printable, fun & educational game that challenges children to sort various items into different recycling bins. It is a great home schooling activity to get your kids acquainted with recycling in your local community.

Teaching children the importance of recycling, and how to do it correctly is a great way to encourage good routines, and make sure they do it throughout their life. It introduces children to positive habits, helps protect and conserve the environment, all while improving their memory and cognitive development through a matching game.

Sorting recycling is an important part of many people’s lives, as it’s an everyday activity.

1. Recycling Centre Printable Game Download & print the user-friendly PDF document
To add some colour why not ask your little recruits to colour them in!DOWNLOAD >