Driving bodymaking!

Following on from our last blog, Cannex 2018 in Guangzhou, China saw the launch of our new A-Drive concept, a new exciting innovation for CarnaudMetalbox Engineering.

The A-Drive is a rotary drive providing a perfect straight line for the bodymaker ram. A portion of the stand was given up to Straight Line Drive to help them launch not only the A-Drive but other products they are currently developing for the industry.

Straight Line Drive is the brainchild of Donald Haulsee, a bodymaker engineer for Reynolds Metals since 1979. Aside from this, Haulsee boasts an impressive resume, where he has been responsible for the design of the Reynolds Mark 3, and all its accessory machines that they designed, built and put into production.

Our technical team headed up by Dan Egerton are working hard to bring this concept to life. The rotary drive system is based on the Carden design and is expected to increase can production, reduce costs via less floor space required and be more efficient and environmentally friendly. All the benefits are what the modern can maker is looking for in terms of looking to reduce costs and increase output. The machine is expected to be at Cannex in Denver next year.

The addition of this new A-Drive to the CMB product portfolio shows the market that CMB are forging ahead with new developments and driving the industry forward. Our challenge as a business is to give the industry the machinery they need and even give them options and developments that they didn’t know they needed.

Our philosophy is to never stand still; if we keep moving forward with new developments we keep challenging not only ourselves, but the industry too.