United Kingdom

To contact our Shipley office, please use the details below and we will be happy to help.
CarnaudMetalbox Engineering
Dockfield Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire BD17 7AY (7AR For SAT NAV)
T: +44 (0)1274 846200 | F: +44(0) 1274 846201
Marc HocheGeneral Manager/Vice President
t: +44(0)1274 846371 e: marc.hoche@cmbe.co.uk
Andrew WilkinsonHead of Sales
t: +44(0)7801 208328 e: andy.wilkinson@cmbe.co.uk
Paul OrsinoDirector CMB USA
t: +1(203) 866 3498 e: paul.orsino@cmbe.com
George MoffatSales Manager EMEA
+44(0)1274 846314 george.moffat@cmbe.co.uk
Lal CorballySales Manager - Asia Pacific
t: +44(0)1274 846230e:lawrence.corbally@cmbe.co.uk
Antony CamTechnical Projects Engineer
t: +44(0)1274 846206e: antony.cam@cmbe.co.uk
Sharon CalverSales Administration Supervisor
t: +44(0)1274 846278e: sharon.calver@cmbe.co.uk
Jackie BradburyEngineering Sales Coordinator
t: +44(0)1274 846303e: jacqueline.bradbury@cmbe.co.uk
Stacey JeromeEngineering Sales Coordinator
t: +44(0)1274 846252e: stacey.jerome@cmbe.co.uk
Nick MeehanTechnical Support Engineer
t: +44(0)1274 846309e: nick.meehan@cmbe.co.uk
Darren JukesSales Support Manager
t: +44(0)1274 846234e: darren.jukes@cmbe.co.uk
Chris LeesCustomer Liaison Officer
t: +44(0)1274 846305e: chris.lees@cmbe.co.uk
Gary KellettTechnical Support Coordinator
(+44) 1274 846357 gary.kellett@cmbe.co.uk
Matthew MorganElectrical Technical Support Coordinator
(+44) 1274 846269 matthew.morgan@cmbe.co.uk
Samantha DaltonService Planner
(+44) 01274 846397 samantha.dalton@cmbe.co.uk
Karolina GrimshawService Planner
(+44) 1274 717680 karolina.grimshaw@cmbe.co.uk
Spares Telephone
Tel: +44(0)1274 846300
Out of Hours Emergencies
Tel: +44(0)7801 208749
US emergencies
Tel: (203) 853-7325
Asia Pacific emergencies
Tel: 86-13818526370
Andy Mawson Spares Manager
t: +44(0)1274 846207E. andy.mawson@cmbe.co.uk
Dave HalfordSales Support Engineer
t: +44(0)1274 846388E. dave.halford@cmbe.co.uk
Sharon CalverSales Administration Supervisor
t: +44(0)1274 846278E. sharon.calver@cmbe.co.uk
Nicola SmithSales Administrator
t: +44(0)1274 846335E. nicola.smith@cmbe.co.uk
Francesca LozanoSales Administrator
t: +44(0)1274 846378E. francesca.lozano@cmbe.co.uk
Jessica HaleySales Administrator
t: +44(0)1274 846377E. jessica.haley@cmbe.co.uk
Claudia LangeSpares Management Controller
t: +44(0)1274 846376E. claudia.lange@cmbe.co.uk
Caroline SpencerSpares Data Coordinator
t: +44(0)1274 846387E. caroline.spencer@cmbe.co.uk
Amine HachoumiSales Support Administrator
t: +44(0)1274 846326E. amine.hachoumi@cmbe.co.uk
Chris LeesCustomer Liaison Officer
t: +44(0)1274 846305E. chris.lees@cmbe.co.uk
Daniel EgertonTechnical Manager
Tel. +44(0)1274 846353E. daniel.egerton@cmbe.co.uk
John CrabtreeMechanical Engineering Manager
Tel. +44(0)1274 846320E. john.crabtree@cmbe.co.uk
Andy GoldsbroughSpray and Rotary Machinery
Tel. +44(0)1274 846268E. andy.goldsbrough@cmbe.co.uk
Tony HenryDie-set & Three Piece Machinery
Tel. +44(0)1274 846322E. tony.henry@cmbe.co.uk
Antonio Andrietta Lead Engineer Canmaking CMBE - Technical Production
+44 (0)1274 846222E. antonio.andrietta@cmbe.co.uk
Thomas GrantLead Engineer - Die Necker CMBE - Production Engineering
+44(0)1274 846324E. thomas.grant@cmbe.co.uk
Matthew ThroupSenior Mechanical Engineer - Seamer Tooling
+44(0)1274 717676matthew.throup@cmbe.co.uk
Andrew WilkinsonHead of Sales
t: +44(0)1274 846394andrew.wilkinson@cmbe.co.uk
Adam ClerkinHead of Operations
T. +44(0)1274 846227E. adam.clerkin@cmbe.co.uk
Jonathan NewhouseBusiness Scheduler
T. +44(0)1274 846310E. jonathan.newhouse@cmbe.co.uk
Tim MillsHead of Quality
T. +44(0)1274 846270E. tim.mills@cmbe.co.uk
Mick TetleyTechnical Specialist
T. +44(0)7801 208829E. mick tetley@cmbe.co.uk
Andrew WalkerQuality Assurance Engineer - Customer
T. +44(0)1274 846216E. andrew.walker@cmbe.co.uk
Michael NedeljkovicQuality Assurance Engineer - Process
T. +44(0)1274 846261E. michael.nedeljkvovic@cmbe.co.uk
Caroline SymondsMarketing Manager
T. +44(0)1274 847667E. caroline.symonds@cmbe.co.uk
The Academy
Tel: +44 (0)1274 846244
Academy Email
E. academy-gbr-shipley@cmbe.co.uk