CMbE Children’s Easter Art Competition

Employee's children step up to help cheer on all our essential workers.

CMbE have many essential employees currently working in the factory, keeping up the production of vital equipment necessary to the food and drink industry. We are very grateful to them and our staff members working from home.

It has been uplifting to see so many inspiring paintings and drawings by children being displayed in windows in our villages and towns during the corona-virus lock down.

This and the campaign launched by Crown, inspired us to want some of our own uplifting artwork, to display around the factory and share with our team mates who are working from home.

A request was sent to all employees, asking everyone to send in their children’s creations. Those of us with children of school age know the challenges of keeping them safe, home schooled and entertained at present so we hoped this would help.

The response has been remarkable, in less than a week we received over 80 pictures, these have all been pinned up around the factory and sent out to all our employees working from home. Click Here to view some of the pictures sent in, all of which have definitely raised a smile to us all.

To help cheer them up too every child who sent in their picture received an Easter Egg, see below the winners of the Amazon Vouchers with their drawings:

1st place Sophie Metcalfe aged 8 = £50 Amazon voucher

Sophie Metcalfe


2nd place Stanley Clerkin = £30 Amazon voucher

Stanley Clerkin

3rd place Lily McKenzie-Gaunt aged 12 = £20 Amazon voucher

Lilly McKenzie-Gaunt

We are so proud of our CMbE family and very grateful to everyone’s efforts in keeping spirits high in such trying times.

Click Here to see the pictures up around the buildings.

Childrens Drawing-Painting Poster 2020