Seamer training from CMB Engineering’s Academy. A purpose built facility for training the next generation of canmakers but also to update skills of those currently operating machinery in plants around the world.

At CMB Engineering, we understand the importance of highly skilled teams with expertise in the latest technologies.

Our Academy takes almost a century of canmaking experience in the design and construction of canmaking machines and combines it with the very latest canmaking technology and together with in the field training experience creates the ultimate training package for today and tomorrow’s canmakers.

Established to meet the expectations of our customers and utilising Engineering Instructors with extensive experience, the Academy provides the ideal venue for the delivery of courses in a range of canmaking disciplines.

Whether it is off the shelf or bespoke courses, CMB Engineering has the ability to work with you to provide the right training solution to help you transform your teams’ knowledge and capabilities.

For further details regarding any of our courses call our Academy today or email us for further details