Our Service department is here to ensure that your canmaking machines are working at maximum efficiency.

Working in Partnership

We work in close partnership with our customers from installation onwards; so that you have access to the tools and resources you need to ensure optimum performance from your canmaking machines.

Can Making Machinery Enhancements


Our experts work to identify opportunities for enhancements and upgrades; whatever the enhancement, we collaborate with our customers to establish a solution that will improve performance, enhance the production process, and further improve the quality of the end result.

Pattern Shop

Our Pattern Shop offers valuable apprenticeship programmes, ensuring this highly sought after engineering skill continues to be developed for the benefit of all types of industrial equipment manufacture in years to come. In this exacting and highly craft-intensive process, our pattern makers have years of experience in delivering patterns for castings of superior quality.

Seamer Service Engineers

CMB Engineering established its Seamer Service department in the UK, and globally many years ago. Helping our customers in the beer, beverage, aerosol, and food industries to produce to the best of their operational output, our highly skilled Engineers are capable of performing many tasks on Ferrum, Angelus and Metalbox Seamers, including: