8000 Precision Beader

The CMB Engineering 8000 Precision Beader is a 16-station horizontal axis machine capable of producing high-quality cluster or ripple beading on either two-piece or three-piece cans at speeds up to 2000 cpm. The machine can also be used to form other vertical or horizontal can shapes using suitable tooling. New features improve process capability at high speeds.

To help ensure smooth handling a six pocket constant velocity starwheel on the infeed system separates the cans prior to loading into the can carriers.  Each end of the can carriers is independently mounted and driven, eliminating the need for height change parts.

Opening can carriers enable easier entry and discharge of the cans thereby increasing the operational efficiency of the machine.  After loading, the can carriers accurately locate the can for beading and eliminate the incidence of spiralling.

The drive to both the infeed and discharge turrets uses heavy duty anti-backlash gearing which maintains a precise relationship between these turrets and the main beading turrets, for smooth handling.  For safety, overload clutches stop the machine in the event of a malfunction.

Bead quality is protected by a beading rail which maximises the number of working revolutions, and exceptionally stiff mandrels help to ensure accurate bead depth control.

Easy access to tooling and change parts simplifies maintenance.  An automatic sampling feature gives improved quality control.

Key Benefits

  • Body wall shaping at ultra-high speeds
  • Beading at 2000 cpm
  • Accurate can location eliminates spiralling
  • Improved bead precision due to longer beading rail and stiffened mandrels
  • Six pocket constant velocity starwheel and heavy duty anti-backlash gearing enable smooth handling
  • Opening can carriers enable easier loading and unloading of cans
  • Adjustable can carriers eliminate height change parts
  • Easy tooling and change-part access
  • Optional titanium nitride coated rails and mandrels to reduce lacquer pick-up and minimise downtime